Understanding How Your Website is Performing

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Website Metrics

In the last few years, we have worked with clients in other areas of their business and then have been asked to help explain what the SEO or Google Analytic reports really mean that they get from their Web or SEO Company. Before we talk about what certain metrics mean to you and your website, it is important to know and understand the terminology. SEO done correctly has a high return on investment, but if you are getting traffic that is not from prospects, it is really irrelevant.

INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC Most business owners who want to increase the traffic to their website usually pay someone for those services.  The key is to understand what you "really" want you are asking them to do. When you say increase your traffic, you really mean you want more visitors to come to your site, who stay for a while, read your content, and eventually become a lead or sale for your business.

Many service providers my clients have used seem have worked to get hits on the website whether they bounce or are relevant or not, as the client doesn't understand bounce rate anyway. They will tell the client:

  • Do not worry if they got to the site through relevant keywords or they leave after looking at one page.

  • Does it matter if they are getting hits from irrelevant pages, they won’t know – it shows up as traffic. What many business owners do not realize is that their traffic has increased from web crawlers, irrelevant keywords, or links/redirects from irrelevant sites.  This is why it is very important to understand what is needed to increase your traffic by your definition.

SEO is not the science it used to be. It is actually pretty simple and is much more of a marketing related function than an IT function which it was in the past. Though most business owners will still need help, it is important to make sure and hire firms that can really help you, not the ones that fill your email with SPAM. Google themselves provide online tips for SEO and for what they are using to rank. As seen in our previous article, mobility is being used as a ranking factor. Google also provides information of tricks that the SEO providers did in the past to trick Google which could now end up blacklisting you with Google. These are published each time they perform an algorithm change.

There are a lot of good SEO tools out there that can be used by businesses to help understand the issues with their site and how it is or is not ranking, which are a lot more cost effective than using SEO firms that do not have the skills. It is up to you to check out an external firm as all firms are not created equal and many will rob your blind and your site will not move up in the rankings. Check customer references as anyone can say they are an SEO firm. There are some excellent ones out there as well.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS AND SEO REPORTS There is certain terminology that is important to understand before looking at reports.

Bounce Rate: - The rate at which someone comes to your site and leaves after a few seconds. This is usually because the content is not relevant to what they are looking to find or the keyword term that they typed in is not relevant to their site.