Helping You Obtain the Required Financing for Your Business

What Are Business Planning Services

Our Business Planning Services are focused on business plans, feasibility studies, and financial models.  We provide business planning services for business owners who are either trying to determine if their business idea or project is feasible or for those you are looking for financing or investment for their business. We assume as a business owner that you understand the concept or business, as this is not an exercise where we help you develop your idea or business.  A lender or investor is expecting this, as it is you in which they are taking a risk, not RK Fischer & Associates.


Feasibility studies and financial models can be used by a business to determine if a business, idea, or project is feasible before investing time and resources in the business. We only develop business plans for financing or investment, business valuation or to help a business that has a current loan convince the bank they are in good standing.


In many cases, feasibility studies can be used for financing or investment as well for start-ups. We can supply you with information that you can provide to your bank that outlines the differences to determine which document they prefer. In many cases, we find for start-ups, a bank or credit union does not require a full business plan, as they don't find start-ups that can provide the level of detail that is credible in a business plan.  They are looking primarily for risk assessment.

Our Success With Obtaining Financing


We have helped businesses in a variety of sectors obtain financing or investment from $250K - $2M at one time.  Over the years, businesses we have written feasibility studies and business plans which have obtained over $10M in financing for our clients.


Once we speak with a client and view existing financials, we can provide them with an idea of whether they might be approved for funding or investment based on the business only. Keep in mind that we can not guarantee financing or investment as we do not get involved in looking at your business and personal credit, which plays a pivotal role in determining whether you will qualify.

​We have an excellent reputation among lenders for writing feasibility studies and business plans and we have not had a client turned down for financing. We have let clients know that they are not ready for financing, so they do not spend the money on a plan needlessly.  


We have had several clients come to us after a plan was developed by someone else and were turned down by the lender because they chose not to invest in having a plan developed by professionals. They, unfortunately, had to spend the money again for another plan.  Remember, that each time you ask for a loan it affects your credit rating.

All of our financial models and statements are developed by our partner who is a CPA.

Our Differentiation

Our methodology of how we build the business plan incorporating our financial model is our differentiation.  The financial model is built on all of your business assumptions and on accurate figures which is supported by the plan.  Too many times we have heard banks tell us that they receive plans where the financials are pulled out of the air. Our Pro-forma financial statements are built based on your business assumptions and model, not a generic one.  The plan itself then has to support the plan.  When this is done, it is very hard for a lender or investor to dispute the logic.

In many cases, we are sent clients by banks and credit unions for a business plan or feasibility study because they have had our clients receive financing at their institution.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan Process

All of our Business Planning offerings follow the same process and methodology. 

  1. We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire about your business as well as a spreadsheet for the financials. If you are an existing business, we will require two years prior financial statements as well.

  2. Once the questionnaire and financials are completed, we will provide an online 2-hour session with the business owner to review the answers to the questions and financials provided.    During that session, we will provide coaching to help the business owner in areas that may need more work or to help point them in the right direction to obtain the information.  We may also have a few more questions from time to time, as well.

  3. A draft of the business plan, financial model or feasibility study will be provided and will be reviewed with the business owner and then will be incorporated in the final plan or model.  As part of our service, we will speak to your lender or investor on your behalf and answer any questions related to the plan or financials if required.

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A business planning engagement is not market research or a business development engagement, so we expect that you have an understanding of your market and your own business. If you are a  start-up business, it is up to you to have done the relevant research or obtain the information needed to develop a business plan or feasibility study. If this is not the case, we will require that you engage in business coaching before continuing. It is not our job as part of a planning engagement to develop a business for you. As the owner, it is you that the lender or investor is financing and assessing for risk, not RK Fischer & Associates.

The price will be based on the complexity of your business, a retail business plan is not the same level of effort as a manufacturing business plan.  You will be provided a fixed price quote.

Our Business Planning Offerings

Business Plan 

Business planning for financing

It is important to understand that a business plan assumes you already have a business strategy in place and includes:

  • Go Forward Goals

  • An Understanding of the Industry and Your Target Market

  • Corporate Brand Established

  • Defined Products with Pricing and Placement Defined

  • Go To Market / Sales Plan/ Forecasts

  • Marketing Plan

  • Understanding of Skills and Employees Required

  • Your Background and Experience

  • Understanding of Your Operations

  • Basic Understanding of Your Revenues, Costs, Assets, & Liabilities

Every business plan includes a financial model with 5 years of proforma financial statements:  income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study for Financing

The purpose of a feasibility study outside a start-up using for financing is about determining the viability of a business idea, business, or project from an economic perspective. A break-even point is calculated to determine how much revenue is required to meet your projected operating expenses. A feasibility study looks at the following:

  • Definition of your idea, project or business

  • Industry, Addressable Market, Target Market & Size

  • Your Background and Experience

  • Your Top 3 Competitors 

  • Organizational Requirements to Meet Financials

  • Operational Requirements to Meet Financials

  • Assumptions related to building the model including: upfront costs, expenses, products, pricing, target market size and seasonaility.

Every feasibility study includes a financial model with 5 years of proforma financial statements:  income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Financial Model

Financial Model for financial planning purposes.

A financial model builds "what if" scenarios based around your business including market size, forecast, pricing, products, seasonality, loan requirements and other pertinent variables. This information is then developed into a model for your specific business and is used to generate 5 years of proforma statements.  

The financial model with a business plan or feasibility study can help a lender or investor see first hand how the financials were developed and can also help the owner determine how changes can affect the financials and help them make the right decisions.

A financial model on its own can help a business owner determine if they will be able to generate the cash flow they need to spend the time and resources on a particular idea, project or business.

Every feasibility study and business plan includes a financial model 

Financing For Your Business

Financing for Your  Business
  • We are not able to make guarantees on you receiving the financing as factors such as your industry, your risk factors, and your credit rating come into play.

  • We have not had a client turned down for financing where we have developed the plan and our partner who is a CPA has developed the financial model and Pro-forma financial statements.

  • We have developed business plans for insolvent businesses to provide a go-forward plan to the lender to prevent foreclosure.

  • We have existing relationships with traditional lenders, investors, and third-party lenders in case you need help in finding a financing partner.