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Frequently Asked Questions



Questions We Are Frequently Asked

  • What is our Service Area?
    We are able to provide services remotely to any business across Canada. For services that are performed onsite, we provide services from the GTA across Southwestern Ontario. If there is a requirement for services outside out our "local service area" within Canada that wants onsite services, they can be provided but will include additional travel costs. Onsite services are offered from as far east as Oshawa, north as far as Barrie, across the GTA and west to the border at Sarnia and south to Windsor. Please contact us if you require onsite services outside this area.
  • How Do You Charge for Services?
    With the exception of hourly services, all of our services are provided as a fixed not to exceed price. We cannot provide a price without speaking to you in order to understand your requirements as all services are based on time and effort. Our hourly fees range from $150.00 an hour to $160.00 depending on the engagement and type of work. Any work requiring our partner who is a CPA will always include the higher fee. Once we understand your requirements, we will provide you with a proposal and contract that outlines our terms and condition as well as our prices which are good for 30 days. You will never be charged for anything but the fixed priced outlined in the contract, even if we exceed the hours expected. We require a 25% down payment before we proceed with any work. Business Coaching is billed by the month. Business Consulting depending on the type and length of the engagement there will be progress billings, otherwise the final payment is due upon completion of the engagement.
  • Do You Provide Onsite or In Office Free Consultations?
    We do not provide onsite or office free consultations. We provide 30-minute free consultations over the phone which you book online at a time convenient for us. If it is important to meet face to face, we will do so at our current hourly rates. If you choose to move forward with an engagement, your account will be credited with the amount that you paid. We have found that meeting in person did not help a potential client make a decision about moving forward and we spent valuable time traveling to prospect's locations who were looking for free services. This is why we provide this service to any owner-operated business and we are more than happy to provide a free 30 minutes to any business, not just those who are looking to buy services.
  • How Do You Provide Remote Services?
    We provide services remotely utilizing an online technology called Zoom which we use to provide online coaching and for meetings required during consultations. Most work is performed within our offices except for onsite engagements where we are required to be on your site working with you and your staff. This also keeps the cost of your services down as well. Zoom provides for video and voice conferencing, where you use a video camera and mic, or we can provide you with a local number for your area to dial in. We provide remote services to businesses across Canada.
  • Since You Have a Partner That is a CPA - Do Your Perform Compilations & Taxes?
    RK Fischer & Associates is not a CPA firm, though we have a CPA that is one of our two Partners. Under RK Fischer & Associates, the focus is more on management accounting and helping you to improve your financials and not on day to day financial accounting. We work with your financial accountant. On the other hand, if you do not have an accountant and you are looking for a financial accountant that can perform compilations and submit taxes, our partner operates that side of the business under his business which operates as a CPA firm - which you can access by selecting Financial Accounting under Consulting. Within RK Fischer & Associates, our focus is to work with your existing accountant and not perform financial accounting for RK Fischer & Associates clients unless they do not currently have a CPA.
  • What Are Your Payment Terms?
    For our coaching engagements, we offer monthly payments over the period of time of the engagment. For our consulting engagements, a 25% down payment is required to ensure you are serious about the engagement. Since the 25% covers the upfront work that is performed once payment is made, if you cancel the engagement after work has been performed, you will not receive a refund. If the consulting engagement is short, then the rest will be billed upon completion of the engagement. For a longer consulting engagements, there are progress billings.
  • Do You Discount Services For Start-Ups
    No, we cannot provide discounted services for start-ups, as we are not a not for profit business. In most cases the time needed for start-ups for most engagements is significantly more than existing businesses. This is why we suggest that start-ups ulitize the many services offered by small business centres in your area that are funded by local and federal governments before seeking paid services. Depending on your location, many of the services are free or offered at a significantly reduced rate. We can refer you to the appropriate one if you are in Ontario.
  • What Is The Process If We Want to Engage You For Services?
    We will set up an initial phone consultation with you to understand your requirements. We will provide you with a proposal that includes a contract that is good for 30 days for the offerings we discussed with you on the call. Once you determine you want to proceed, you will sign our proposal/contract which also includes a warranty of our work. We will invoice you for the 25% down payment which is outlined in the contract. Once the down payment has been made, work will begin. Depending on the engagement there may be progress buillings. We will have regular communication with you that is outlined in each of the engagements process until you receive your final deliverables. Final payment is due upon receipt of your final deliverables.
  • Will you provide pricing if asked via email or over the phone?
    We will not provide pricing to anyone that just emails or calls as the price is very dependent on your business requirements as there is a range for most engagements. Once we understand your requirements we will provide a fixed not to exceed price. We find those that are just looking to find out the price are not usually serious about making the investment in business coaching or consulting services and are looking for the cheapest price. If you are looking for the cheapest price, we are not the right firm for you, as with the price comes the reputation, years in business, and vast experience we have.

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