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This image is of business people around a table that represents our page about us on RK Fischer & Associates website.

Who Is RK Fischer & Associates

RK Fischer & Associates has been providing business consulting and business coaching to owner-operated businesses since 2010. The business was started by our 2 partners after spending over 25 years each in senior management and executive roles in businesses including large, medium, small, as well as start-up businesses in a variety of industries. We found that businesses that were under 150 employees were underserved by many consulting and coaching firms and had difficulty finding highly qualified business consultants and business coaches that understood the needs of owner-operated businesses.  It is for this reason, we have focused on this market from day one. It is important that there is business coaching and consulting for small business owners, as their requirements and budgets differ from their large business counter-parts and need a much more hands-on business help approach.

We partner when needed with other professionals to provide one-stop shopping services depending on your location.  Some businesses with work under the RK Fischer umbrella, while others we will provide you with a direct referral.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

To help owner-operated businesses achieve their business goals by developing and implementing the right strategies, plans, and processes based on best practices. By doing so, this will help them in improving their overall business performance while increasing the value of their business which is one of their largest personal lifetime assets.

Our Core Values

Trust & Integrity

  • Integrity & trust are the cornerstones our philosophy, as business owners are trusting us with their business. 

  • We also only partner with like-minded businesses that we trust.


  • Our business is centered around producing results for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Build long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

  • Always be honest with our customers.

Our Core Values

Social Responsibility

  • We volunteer and give back our time to organizations and businesses who need help.

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition
  • We "work with you" and transfer knowledge in areas of your business until such time you feel comfortable going it alone.  Unlike many consulting firms, our goal is to make you self-sufficient, so you do not need us.

  • We have and use proven methodologies on all of our engagements to maximize success.

  • Once we provide you a fixed price for an engagement, you will not pay a penny more, unless you change the scope.

  • We only partner and recommend other professionals in which we trust and have a working relationship.

  • Our partners have actually "worked in" and managed businesses, so we have hands-on experience to go with the advice.

  • We only choose to work with owners in which we feel we can help and will provide you with referrals or make recommendations for alternatives for those we do not feel we can provide appropriate guidance.

  • We provide a warranty with our services which is included in our contracts.

Industries We Have Served

We do not specialize in specific industries, as though each industry may be unique in certain ways, for the most part many of the same issues that owner-operated businesses face are the same. Our partners had experience in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, high technology hardware and software companies, telecommunications, SaaS , as well as business services. Because of this they have been able to apply common principles and practices that are pertinent across all business sectors.

Here is a list of industries in which we have provided services:​

  • Construction 

  • Professional Services

  • Legal Services

  • Energy

  • Fin Tech

  • Non-Profit

  • Food & Beverage

  • Land Development

  • Hospitality

  • Yacht Brokerage

  • M&A Firms

  • Pet Grooming and Boarding

  • Waste Management 

  • Accounting Services

  • Recreation & Entertainment

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Printing

  • Wholesale Distribution

  • High Technology

  • Beauty Shops & Spas

  • Business Broker

  • Medical

  • Retirement Facilities

  • Pharmaceuticals



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