Providing Tools To Help You Assess Your Business

Free Online Assessments Available

We provide free online assessments for owner-operated businesses in Canada and the United States.  Every assessment looks at best practices as they relate to the specific assessment and areas that are assessed.  Anyone who completes the entire assessment will receive a report that outlines their score in each area within 72 hours of completing the assessment.  If you would like to be provided with a more in-depth overview assessment and how it relates to your particular business, fill in the form below to find out more how a detailed assessment can benefit your business.

We are continually looking at adding additional assessments for other areas of a business.

Business Performance Assessment

Business Performance Assessment

The business performance assessment looks at how your business is performing based on best practices. Business performance goes hand and hand with business value.

Start-up Assessment

Start-up Assessment

The start-up assessment looks at businesses who have been in business from 6 mo - 2 years to ensure you have what you need in place to get off on the right foot.

Marketing & Sales


The marketing and sales assessment is associated looks at your current sales and marketing in relation to best practices. Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand with growth.