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Free Online Business Assessment from RK Fischer & Associates



Free Online Assessments Available

We provide free online assessments for owner-operated businesses in Canada.  Every assessment looks at best practices as they relate to the specific assessment and areas that are assessed.  Anyone who completes the entire assessment will receive a report that outlines their score and recommendations in each area within 72 hours of completing the assessment.  You will not be contacted.  If you want to understand more, then it will be up to you to contact us and set up an advisory session or speak to us about how we can help your business.

If you do not enter accurate information or do not complete the assessment, then we cannot help you and you are wasting both your and our time.  We do not use the information, but we need some level of understanding of your business to make an accurate assessment, as some questions may not apply and would be discarded when scoring.


If you would like to be provided with a more in-depth overview assessment and how it relates to your particular business, fill in the form below to find out more about how a detailed assessment can benefit your business. We are continually looking at adding additional assessments for other areas of a business. 


Each link will take you to a multi-page questionnaire/survey.  The first page will be about your business to understand your industry, where you are in the business life cycle and the size and age of your business, as that will have an impact on how the results are interpreted.  A start-up will have different scores than a mature business and the score will have a different meaning.

Business Performance Assessment

Business Performance Assessment

The business performance assessment looks at how your business is performing based on best practices. Business performance goes hand and hand with business value and measures risk.  it will look at your entire business.

Start-up Assessment

Start-up Assessment

The start-up assessment looks at businesses who have been in business from 6 mo - 2 years to ensure you have what you need in place to get off on the right foot.

Sales & Marketing Assessment

Marketing & Sales

The marketing and sales assessment is associated looks at your current sales and marketing in relation to best practices. Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand with growth.

Once you complete each assessment, you will receive a report.  


If you would like to speak to one of our Partners, you can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the results.  

You will NOT BE CONTACTED further and your information will be DELETED after 30 days from our Survey Database.

If you have interest in a detailed assessment report which includes a more detailed interview to understand your business and a detailed report outlining recommendations + 2 hours of coaching after the report, please fill in the form below and we will provide you with the price and proposal for the assessment taken.

Upon Completion

This assessment looks at your entire business.

This assessment only looks at marketing and sales.

This assessment is for start-ups who have less than 2 full years of revenue and have been in operation at least 6 months.

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