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Image representing all of RK Fischer & Associates  business coaching and consulting services.



Our Business Coaching and Consulting Offerings for Small Business

At RK Fischer & Associates, we offer owner-operated businesses in Canada business coaching and business consulting services. Our services are strategic and focused on helping you improve your business, gain financing, grow your business, and better understand best practices for operating a business.

Our infographic below provides a clear understanding of our main service offerings and the reasons that most tend to engage us for that service.  

This is an infographic outlining the services that RK Fischer & Associates offer for business coaching and consulting.

List of Our Detailed Services

Business Coaching is online structured coaching which is one-on-one with one of our partners which helps teach you the business skills you need to help you mange your business.

Business assessments look at the overall performance and value of a business. They are based on business best practices and can be offered for the overall business, or particular areas.  We offer a free high-level assessment with a report as well.

Business Planning includes business plans, feasibility studies and financial models. Feasibility studies and financial models help you determine the viability of a business or project. We develop business plans to help businesses obtain financing. Both feasibility studies and business plans include a financial model developed by a CPA..

Financial Management Services are those that are provided by our partner, who is a CPA.  We provide business valuations, financial reviews, exit strategies, and controller services.  He also provides Financial Accounting through our sister company Entrust Accounting and Advisory Services.

Strategic planning engagements are about how to move your business forward and plan for the future.  We offer strategic planning for the entire business or for areas of a business.

Advisory Services are adhoc services provided either over the phone or over zoom to answer business questions and provide guidance and advice to small business owners who are not ready for a business coaching commitment.

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