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Man in suit and tie symbolizing advisory services

What Are Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services are provided either over the phone or through our online platform, where one of the partners will answer questions and provide advice and opinions based on the topics/ issues that you wish to discuss.  Advisory Services are not the same as business coaching, which is structured and based on items that are defined and prepared for in advance.  We require that clients purchasing the 2-hour service complete a questionnaire before their booked meeting so that we are aware of the topics you wish to discuss.

You can book your advisory services at your leisure through our online appointment booking system with your coach/advisor at a convenient time that you choose.  We provide packages of 3 sessions and six sessions for both the phone and online sessions.


We provide one and two-hour service options. Our one-hour service is provided only over the phone. We will contact you at the number you provided when you booked the service.


If you purchased the two-hour service, we will provide you with a link to our online service through Zoom. You can use your computer mic/speakers; alternatively, we provide a local dial-in number for most locations in Canada.



Who Benefits from Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services
  • Start-up businesses who need advice and guidance but who are not ready to invest in business coaching.

  • Business owners who have an urgent issue that needs to be addressed and want to get help quickly.

  • Business owners looking to bounce ideas or discuss problems they are having in their business but want to do it on an ad-hoc basis versus through a disciplined business coaching engagement that is more structured.

Session Differences

  • The one-hour session is truly ad-hoc and there is no upfront prep time by the business coach.  It is an hour that the client can use to discuss an issue or ask questions about any topic about their business.

  • During the two-hour session, the business owner is sent a questionnaire in advance.  It will operate much like business coaching without the multiple session commitment and homework to leave with. The coach/advisor will prepare in advance for the session based on the questionnaire provided.

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