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Other Relevant Resources

This resource page will include other articles and relevant resources for small business owners.  We will continue to update this page so visit it often.  It includes articles in small business media where we were quoted and interviewed as well as many of our newsletters provided to those who subscribe. To receive our newsletters, you can subscribe at the bottom of any page on this website.


The articles below are ones that we authored on another site or contributed to with a media organization.

When To Hire That First Employee:  a chicken and egg debate

Globe and Mail

When To Hire That First Employee:  a chicken and egg debate

Globe and Mail

How Can I Afford to Keep My Seasonal Employees Year Round

Globe and Mail

How to Build a Second Firm Without Risking the First

Globe and Mail

Small Business Welcomes New EI Changes

Globe and Mail

Can I Dip Into My Payroll Deductions to Pay My Employees

Globe and Mail

The Bossless Office:  Motivational Experience or Invitation to Anarchy?

Globe and Mail

How To Keep Your Seasonal Business Strong All Year Long

        Rogers Small Business

A Measured Approach for Expansion Pays Off for Uniform Company


A Wealthy Client Faces an Unexpected Buyout

Advisor's Edge

Help A Startup Manage Cash Flow

Advisor's Edge

Popsicle Maker Grapples with Growth Risks

Globe and Mail

How Small Biz Buying or Selling Can Benefit from a Coach or Consultant


Networking is About Relationships Not Making the Sale

Ajax-Pickering BOT

Creating a Successful Business Partnership

Investor's Group

How a Nova Scotia Software Firm  Capitalized on Connections to Work with Nickelodeon

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