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What Are Financial Management Services

When most business owners hire an accountant, it is usually a financial accountant at the end of the year to compile their financial statements and file their corporate tax returns. What about what you do throughout the year when you find out you are struggling to understand how your business is performing or why it is not performing as you had expected?  You may not be sure what your accounting system is telling you about your business, or you are confused about why you only earned a 35% margin when you were sure you were making 50%. It is for these reasons that financial management services are needed.

This image is a chart representing financials in a company going up.

Financial accounting is used to determine the financial position of your business. Your compiled financial statements represent the financial results of your business over a specific period of time. In other words, financial accounting looks at your past performance, which is important to stakeholders as well as lenders and investors.

Management accounting is based on current and forward-looking trends to help you make decisions about your day-to-day operations. Management accounting requires that you have a good understanding of the business and how it operates as it focuses on looking at processes.


All of our financial management services are performed by our partner who is a CPA, CMA.  As a management accountant, he will work with your financial accountant if required to ensure ongoing improvement in your business financial health. In many cases, we have found our client's financial accountant has recommended they find a management accountant where they can troubleshoot certain aspects of their business.

Our Financial Service Offerings

All of our Financial Management Service Offerings will require the following:​

  • We will ask for at least 2-3 years of compiled statements that are prepared by a financial accountant who is a CPA.

  • We will either require access to your accounting system to run reports or we will need you or your bookkeeper/accountant to supply the necessary reports for us to have a complete view into your business.

  • Upon request, supply supporting documentation or make available employees that are involved in the transactions that may be in question for further understanding.

  • In many cases, we may have you complete either one of our standard assessments, or provide you with a detailed questionnaire on your specific business.

Basic Business Valuation

This image is showing value in a business and represents our basic business valuation.

A basic business valuation is by most business owners who are looking to get an understanding of the worth of their business before they decide to sell or a business that they are looking to buy. This is a valuation performed by a CPA, not a Chartered Business Valuator, so it cannot be used in court proceedings. This valuation will look at 4 different measurements of business value. If we feel you need a valuation by a Chartered Business Valuator, we will let you know and depending on your location, can refer you to one.

  • Financial (Net Book Value) 

  • Discounted Cash Flow

  • Earnings Multiples

  • Enterprise Value

You will be provided with a report that outlines and explains each valuation measurement.

Exit Readiness Plan

This image is of word Exit and represents our Exit Readiness Plan.

An exit readiness plan helps you determine the risk factors and performance factors that will affect the value of your business. A preliminary valuation estimate is done on the business along with an initial plan of what is required to increase the value over a period of time.

Your business will be assessed based on business risk factors and performance factors by way of an assessment, along with a basic valuation.  

A report will be created that provides an analysis of the findings along with recommendations in order to increase your business value.

Financial Review

This image is of charts and business people discussing and represents our financial review.

A financial review  is for businesses who are looking to understand their current financial situation. A deep dive will be performed on your GL accounts, transactions as well as your financial statements to be able to answer areas of concerns you have with your results. The following areas will be covered:

  • Working Capital

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Inventory

  • Revenue

  • Cost of Goods / Sales

  • Fixed Costs

  • Variable Costs

  • Return on Sales

  • Break Even Point

  • Metrics required by Financial Institutions

  • Determine Cost Drivers

  • Business Processes as they relate to Financials

You will be provided with a report that outlines findings and recommendations.

Controller Services

This image is of a man with two computers at a desk representing controller services.

Our controller services is a customized engagement based on the client's requirements. We will provide a fixed price once we understand the requirements. Listed below are examples of engagements that clients have chosen in the past:

  • Development of KPI measurements

  • Development of Financial Reports

  • Costing Analysis

  • Pricing Analysis

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Balance Sheet Review 

  • Capital Structure

  • Margin Analysis

  • Expansion / Project Financing

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