Services Customized to the Needs of Your Business

What Are Our Custom Business Consulting Services

The majority of RK Fischer & Associates' services have a strategic slant and are focused on developing goals that the business owner wants to achieve, along with setting a plan to make it happen. Tactical services, on the other hand, are more focused on the actual implementation of the plan, and there are many firms such as marketing, human resource, or sales consulting firms that offer only these types of services.  There are also other strategic services that a client may want or a combination of services that relate to their business and want the engagement to be customized just for them.


We have found over the years that there are times after we are engaged with a client, they would like us to help them implement many of the services. It is for this reason that we provide these services on a case by case basis.   If we feel the client would be better served to hire a firm that specializes in a particular area where we do not have the expertise, we will provide a referral or help the client in determining the skills for a firm they need to hire. 


Any other strategic or tactical consulting services that we provide, are deemed customized for the business based on their requirements and will be quoted at a fixed price. Any referrals we make are based on a past relationship or knowledge of the firm's expertise, but once we refer you, the relationship/contract is between you and the referring partner for the services required. 

Examples of Custom Consulting Services Provided In the Past

Listed below are examples of services that we have provided in the past for clients. The list below is not exhaustive and does not mean there are other services that we can offer.  To determine if other consulting services that are not listed, if we can provide them, please complete our contact us form and let us know what services you require. We will contact you to confirm your requirements and provide you with a fixed price quote if we can perform the services ourselves.

Examples of custom Marketing Consulting Engagements

Marketing Examples

  • Setting up Social Media

  • Web Content Writing 

  • Keyword Analysis / SEO of Website

  • Brochure Content Writing

  • Set-up of Wix/ Weebly Website and small site development

  • Development of Presentations

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • Overall Marketing Training

  • Setting up Reporting for Google Analytics

  • Marketing / Digital Marketing Plans

  • Channel Program Development

Examples of Accounting and Finance custom consulting engagements

Accounting & Finance 

  • Accounting System Migration

  • Cost/Payroll Analysis

  • Chart of Accounts Set-up / Restructuring

  • Bookkeeping Cleanup

  • Accounting System Set-up

Examples of Custom Sales Consulting Engagements

Sales Examples

  • Sales Plans

  • Sales Process Development

  • Set-up of CRM

  • Sales KPI Development

  • Sales Management Report Development

  • Sales Training 

  • Channel Plan and Determination of Channels

Examples of Custom Operations Management consulting engagements

Operation Management Examples

  • MRP Implementation

  • Inventory Management Issues

  • Shop Floor Control

  • Policies and Procedures 

  • Contract Requirements

Examples of Custom Human Resources Consulting Engagements

Human Resource Examples

  • Development of Job Descriptions for Marketing, Sales, And Finance

  • Aiding with Interviews 

  • Development of Policies 

  • Outline for Requirements for Employee Contracts

  • Helping Owners determine roles within the business