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How To Write Your Own Business Plan for Financing

Who Are We

Our new e-book to help those needing to write a business plan for financing

We have developed a 150 Page E-book that provides a step-by-step guide for developing your own business plan for lending or investment. The ebook contains:


  • An upfront summary of what a business plan for financing requires 

  • The expectations of Lenders, Investors, and Grant Providers for a business plan

  • Step by step instructions for each plan section with questions must be answered within each section.

  • A sample company with examples and actual templates for you to use in your plan

  • A detailed glossary of terms is used throughout the document, including metrics and ratios with calculations and examples.

  • Requirement differences for start-ups versus existing businesses with historical data

Our focus as a business is on developing business plans for financing for those businesses that require at least 250K in financing. Unfortunately, whether you need 30K or $1M, the effort is the same, and many small business owners do not have the funds to pay for that level of a business plan, so we developed an e-book to aid you in developing a plan based on our methodology. We have not had a client turned down for financing in over 12 years that has submitted a plan for investment or lending.

We also are providing a 15% discount coupon for one of the following business plan services.

  • Advisory Services - 1-hour phone or 2-hour online service to get help or advice about your plan while writing or after you are finished. 

  • Business Plan Assessment -  a consulting engagement where we provide a review of your written plan.

  • Financial Model - our partner, a CPA, will develop a 5-year financial model to create five years of projected financials, which are then used in the business plan. This is our differentiator from other firms that develop business plans.  If you aren't comfortable developing financial statements, this could strengthen your model.

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