Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Website - Keywords

While true, it is crucial to have a well-designed website; if no one can find you via search engines, the point is mute. While 77% of Canadian businesses in 2019 had a website, only 64% of small businesses had one, up from 50% in 2014. Unfortunately, just having a website is not enough. This first article focuses on Keywords.


What are keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases that potential prospects type into a search engine to find information. Long-tail keywords consist of 4+ words strung together, which is what most web traffic consists of. Keywords are important for websites and essential if you are looking to use online advertising with Google for ad placement.

The Right Keywords

One of the issues that many businesses have is understanding what users will type in the search engine to find their business and products and services. It is sometimes impossible not to have tunnel vision thinking you know what someone will type to find your website. We worked with a client in an industrial business and insisted that certain words would have clients finding their website. Unfortunately, a few of the words/phrases they chose were only searched by 10 people in Canada in a month, and that would not get them the traffic they needed.

  • One way to determine keywords is to look at competitors' websites that rank well and determine what keywords they are using.

  • Use an SEO tool with keyword help and analysis to help select and suggest relevant keywords and analyze them against competitors.

  • Think about how you search, and today, so many pose questions, so think of questions that someone would type to find your business and products/services.

  • Ask your clients what they would type in to find your business if they were searching today. I have done this several times. We provide a free consultation and almost all of those that use it find us through search. I ask them what they typed in to find us, and they are more than happy to provide that information; in fact, some will offer it.

Keyword Volume and Ranking

As or more important than the right words/phrases for your website is the volume or number of times that word is searched on average. This is where long-tail keywords are important. If you are a restaurant, the chances of ranking for this term are very slim as the term is broad and the competition (ranking) i