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Business coaching for only Canadian small businesses

RK Fischer & Associates - Teaching Small Businesses How To Fish

There is often confusion over what business coaching is versus executive coaching or life coaching. Small business coaching is for the owner(s) to teach them the business skills needed to run their business better. The focus is on work goals versus personal or professional goals. Executive or leadership coaching is more focused on you as the executive or leader of your business and how to maximize your personal and professional skills and potential. Life coaching focuses more on your unique challenges at home or work.  


At RK Fischer & Associates, we only coach small business owners. We follow our methodology that sets small business owners up for the best chance of success. We have an initial offering that lets small businesses get a taste of focusing on 2 to 3 issues and following them through to success. Up to 3 participants (owners) can participate for the same price. Focusing on too much at one time or not following a method can set the process up for failure.


Like with any coaching, goals are set from the beginning. The sessions will then be based on meeting the goals that are set. You will complete a questionnaire about your business and goals to start and provide 2-3 years of financials. The first session focuses on providing you with analysis and recommendations. From there, the topics for the six sessions are determined. We recommend sessions to be every two weeks to keep momentum. The 8th session is booked 1-2 months following the last session, focusing on seeing progress and offering any guidance needed. If at the end of this engagement, you feel you need additional help, you can add sessions at a discounted price.


We offer small business advisory services in 1-hour phone or 2-hour zoom blocks if you are unsure if a small business coaching engagement is right for you. These are ad-hoc sessions, so there is no analysis or planning on the part of your coach for the sessions. Still, we find many start-up businesses feel more comfortable starting here versus jumping into business coaching.


We find it is also essential to feel comfortable with your small business coach; we suggest you take advantage of our free 30-minute no, obligation consultation to feel comfortable with RK Fischer & Associates and our business coaching engagement.




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