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This business strategy model provides the basis for developing a strategic plan for your business.  It looks at each area of your business of what is needed, as well as looks at your current and future situations and goals from both a business and a personal perspective.  Included in the tool is a "how to use the tool" and is being provided for those businesses who want to look at developing their strategic plan on their own.


We use this tool as well with every client that purchases a Strategic Planning Engagement either through coaching or facilitation.


In this option, we provide the tool on its own with instructions.  We also will provide an option that includes the tool plus  2 two-hour coaching sessions for those that need help.

Business Strategy Model

  • This is a Microsoft Excel File.  The first tab includes detailed instructions of what information is that is entered into the Business Strategy Model.  When we work on a strategic plans with clients, this is the exact tool we use with them, so decided to offer this as a tool to those business owners who want to develop their own strategic plan themselves.

    We provide email support for 3 months after the purchase of the tool.  For all questions or if there is an issue with the tool, please contact and include Business Strategy Model in the subject line.

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