What Brought You Here

You are most likely an owner-operated business who is ready to invest time in resources in one of the following to ensure your business is performing at its best:

  • You are a new business owner who needs to set up your business properly

  • You are looking for financing for your business for a new business or for growth

  • You need to develop a strategic direction or plan for your business

  • You want to improve the overall performance of your business

  • You want to acquire the skills yourself to better help you manage your business

  • You want to get your business ready for sale in (3+ years)

  • You are looking to acquire a business and need help in evaluating its worth

  • You are looking for general or specific business coaching or advisory services

We provide services primarily to Ontario businesses, as our expertise and knowledge are based on the laws, taxes, and regulations as they relate to Ontario, though we support businesses across Canada and in the US.  We provide onsite services as well as remote services. See our local service area for onsite services at the bottom of each page.  We also provide business consulting and business coaching services that are not reliant on understanding local legislation to business owners across Canada and the United States remotely online using Zoom. 

We only work primarily with existing businesses as we do not offer specific services for those who are just still in the idea phase. The reason for this as there are small business centres in most provinces and states that provide free services or at a reduced rate. You cannot compete with free and our services cost the same to deliver, so we advise you to use as many of the free or discounted services that are available, and when you have exhausted all the help they provide, we are here to help you pick up where they left off.


We provide both management consulting and business coaching. Our management consulting is focused on strategic and planning engagement, which are outlined below. Once engaged with a client for business coaching or consulting and we are familiar with your business, we do provide tactical consulting where needed, or we can refer you to one of our professional affiliations for services we do not offer.

Our Business Coaching & Advisory Services

General Buiness Coaching for Small Business

General Business Coaching

General Business Coaching is a structured coaching engagement based on our methodology which includes an initial assessment of your business, six 2-hour online sessions customized based on client requirements which include homework and a follow-up session to ensure implementation.

Strategic Planning Coaching for Small Business

Strategic Planning Coaching

Strategic Planning Coaching is a standard set of sessions whose focus is on developing a strategic plan for your business. There are 18-20 sessions depending on your business size and industry that guide you in the development of your strategy.

Start-up Coaching


Start-up Coaching is similar to General Business Coaching in format, but the entire focus is on what is needed to get your business off the ground. The engagement includes a start-up assessment along with six  2-hour online coaching sessions along with an upfront analysis session and a follow-up session to check on your progress.

Sales & Marketing Coaching for Small Buiness

Sales & Marketing Coaching

Sales & Marketing Coaching is similar to General Business Coaching in format, but the entire focus is on Sales and Marketing and the growth of your business. The engagement includes a sales and marketing assessment along with six  2-hour online coaching sessions and a follow-up session to check on your progress.

Sell Your Business Readiness Coaching for Small Business

Sell Your Business Readiness Coaching

Sell Your Business Readiness Coaching is for business owners who are looking to sell their business in 5 Years+ and who want to make sure that they are able to get the most value for their business. The coaching is customized to the needs of the business owner and where they are in planning to sell their business.

Hourly Advisory Services for Your Small Business

Ask an Advisor Services

Ask an Advisor Services are for those business owners who do not want the structure of coaching. You can book a time at your leisure through our appointment booking application. Services are paid at the time of booking, and there are several time options available.

Our Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Whether a business needs to build their strategy for the first time or update their strategy for growth, we provide a full strategic plan engagement as well as specific business area strategies through facilitation or through coaching.

Financial Management

Our partner who is a CPA provides engagements that look at the financial health of your business from a base valuation of your business to a full financial review.

Business Planning

As business plan consultants we develop full business plans and feasibility studies for businesses who require financing or are looking for investment. The financials are prepared by a  CPA

Other Consulting Services

Our focus is on strategic consulting, but once we are engaged with a client, we will perform tactical consulting or refer to other professionals for services we cannot provide. 

Business Assessments

We provide assessments for different areas of your business to help you understand where there are problem areas to resolve along with providing recommendations.

Our Experience

Providing business coaching and management consulting for 10 years with over 50 years of business experience between our 2 partners

Our two partners have over 25 years of business and management experience working in complex businesses such as manufacturing, hi-technology, and financial services.  We have executive and general management experience within large, medium, small, and start-up companies in marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

We have been in business since 2010 and have worked with clients in a variety of industries including:

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Brokerage 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Transportation

  • Medical

  • Food & Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Waste Management

  • Professional Services

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Retirement Facilities

We work directly with business owners to understand your specific goals and challenges to help you choose the right solutions for your business to ensure continued long-term success.

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What Our Clients Say

The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

The Second Wedge Brewing Company is located in the heart of Uxbridge, Ontario and focuses on crafting and sharing flavourful,  character-full ales. Their name comes from the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine, which formed in four wedges from west to east. The Second Wedge Brewing company is run by co-founders Rob Garrard and Joanne Richter and is 100% locally owned

Beer from Second Wedge Brewery

When we were ready to take our business plan to the next level, the insight and experience that RK Fischer & Associates contributed was invaluable. Karen examined our work with a fine-toothed comb, identified gaps and coached us on how to pull in the data we needed and present it effectively. Rudy helped us structure our complex brewery financials into a detailed, comprehensive set of linked spreadsheets that were easy for us to read and analyze, but most importantly followed the best-practice accounting principles that institutional lenders require. Karen and Rudy are extremely well connected in the financial and legal spheres and have provided us with many beneficial referrals. And best of all, two separate lenders told us that the fact that we hired RK Fischer & Associates gave them extra confidence in us as entrepreneurs."

Joanne Richter, Owner

Other Services

30 Minute Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We provide a free 30 minute consultation to businesses in Canada and the US.

Free Case Studies, Presentations, and White Papers

Free Downloads

We provide free downloadable marterials with content you can use in your business.

Small Business Blog Articles

Small Business Blog

We provide articles on a variety of business topics to give insight and knowledge to business owners.

Free Business Performance & Marketing and Sales Assessments

Free Assessments

We provide serveral free assessments for different areas of your business.

Our Online Store

Our Online Store

We sell  tools and guides in support of our services.


We provide answers to frequently asked questions that we receive from prospects and clients and post any that are asked. 

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Our offices are now located in Southwestern Ontario but we provide services across Canada and the United States as most of our services are performed remotely.

We provide onsite services that require at least one day onsite  in Sarnia, Chatham-Kent, London, Windsor, Woodstock, Leamington, Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener,  Guelph, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga,  Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Brampton, Richmond Hill,  Newmarket, Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Uxbridge, Pickering and  surrounding locations in the GTA and Southwestern Ontario.

For other businesses outside our local service area in  Canada who require onsite services, please contact us to discuss your requirements as outside our outlined local service area will include travel and living fees.


All services for the United States are only performed remotely in Canada and meetings are performed online through Zoom.

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