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A business man involved in business coaching online in Toronto.

Business coaching for only Canadian small businesses

Business Coaching in Toronto

Are there aspects of running your business that are more difficult than others, and do you want to gain the skills to understand more about that area and make more informed decisions? Is your business not performing how you think it should, but you aren't sure where to start to uncover why? If so, RK Fischer & Associates offers business coaching for businesses in Toronto to help your business thrive. 

Business coaching is not for everyone as you need to set aside the time for your sessions, be ready to understand your business strengths and weaknesses and be willing to make the changes needed to help your business.  Our business coaching is online and is structured as follows:


  • Upfront analysis of your financials and your business coaching questionnaire

  • Session 1 presents an analysis and determines the outline of the sessions

  • Minimum of six 2-hour sessions online with your business coach

  • There will be homework for most sessions which uses the skills learned to implement in your business

  • Homework is looked at by your coach, and there is email support throughout the engagement.

  • The final session occurs 1-2 months after the last working session to follow up and ensure the skills you learned are working and are being implemented.


Business Coaching is for those business owners that find themselves sometimes overwhelmed and are looking for some training and guidance on certain aspects of their business


If you are looking for business coaching in Toronto, look no further than RK Fischer & Associates. To find out more about our business coaching engagements, click the button below or contact us and set up a free consultation to see if your business can benefit from business coaching.

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