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Business Coaching and Business Consulting Services



Professional business consulting and coaching services to help optimize your small business

We provide onsite and remote business consulting and coaching services to existing small businesses in Canada. Our expertise and knowledge are based on the laws, taxes, and regulations related to Canada and an understanding of the Canadian market. See our local service area for onsite services at the bottom of our website pages. Most of our clients today are in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southwestern and Southeastern Ontario from Ottawa to the Manitoba border. We are willing to offer onsite services to those outside our local service area, but travel expenses will need to be included in the quotation. Most of our business services and help are provided virtually through online coaching and consulting, which is how we have provided support for those remotely in northern Ontario and other provinces.

Our business coaching and consulting engagements tend to be more strategic than tactical and focus on helping business owners with their overall business, such as obtaining financing, improving business performance or value, or growing or turning their business around. We can provide tactical consulting if needed to clients we are already engaged with through a strategic engagement. We do not market ourselves as tactical consultants.


 Our target customer is an owner-operated business in Canada with under 100 employees and less than $30M in revenues.

All business coaching and our  2-hour advisory services are provided online via Zoom, and our 1-hour advisory service is provided by phone.

We can also provide services to businesses looking to start a new business in Canada. The only requirement is that someone in the company has residency in Canada or has been granted residency and has a Canadian Bank Account. We cannot help businesses that do not meet those criteria as that is the minimum criteria of the Canadian government.

Your team of experts

We have been providing business coaching and management consulting for over 12 years with over 50 years of business experience between our 2 partners.


We have been in business since 2010 and have worked with clients in a variety of industries.

We work directly with business owners to understand your specific goals and challenges to help you choose the right solutions for your particular business to ensure continued long-term success.

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Our Service Categories

RK Fischer & Associates provides strategic business coaching and consulting services based on the categories outlined. Each category will have 2-4 service offerings which give clients options that are most suited for their individual business needs. We can customize engagements for clients as required. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will develop an engagement for your business.

Online Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a structured coaching engagement based on our methodology, which includes an initial assessment of your business, six or more 2-hour online sessions s, which include homework and a follow-up session to ensure implementation of coaching chosen.

Advisory Services

Business Coaching is a structured coaching engagement based on our methodology, which includes an initial assessment of your business, six or more 2-hour online sessions s, which include homework and a follow-up session to ensure implementation of coaching chosen.

Strategic Planning

Whether a business needs to build their strategy for the first time or update their strategy for growth, we provide a full strategic plan engagement as well as specific business area strategies through facilitation or through coaching.

Business Planning

As business plan consultants we develop full business plans and feasibility studies for businesses who require financing or are looking for investment. The financials are prepared by a  CPA

Business Assessments

We provide business assessments for the entire business or individual areas of your business which help you understand and resolve problems that affect the performance of your business.

Financial Management

Our partner who is a CPA provides engagements that look at the financial health of your business from a base valuation of your business to a full financial review.

Custom Business Consulting

At times business owners are looking for services we have not listed on our website or a combination of services including tactical. This is where we offer customized business consulting services.

What some of our customers have to say

"When we were ready to take our business plan to the next level, the insight and experience that RK Fischer & Associates contributed was invaluable. Karen examined our work with a fine-toothed comb, identified gaps and coached us on how to pull in the data we needed and present it effectively."  

Second Wedge Brewing Company

Joanne Richter, Owner

Second Wedge

"We engaged RK Fischer & Associates to assist us with developing a sales and marketing strategy for a new product line we've developed. We were looking for a consultant that had the experience necessary to assist a small but rapidly growing manufacturing business."  Styrok Inc.

Steve Colivaras, Owner


"RK Fischer and Associates were brought into the initial planning process for Joey's World and proved to be a valuable asset. The program lines introduced during this process were and will continue to be used as Joey's World functions as a successful business. Thank you, Karen and Rudy"

Joey's World Playground

Gord Gill, Owner & Operator

Joey's World
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