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Small Business Owner

Small business consulting for only Canadian small businesses

RK Fischer & Associates - Helping Small Businesses Flourish

Whether you are just starting out with your business, looking to grow, or even wind down your small business, RK Fischer & Associates has been providing small business consulting services to Canadian small businesses for over a decade. We do not service clients outside of Canada or companies that are not privately owned entities. Our clients typically have under $5M in revenues and 25 employees. Consulting services are not one size fits all, as small businesses have different requirements than larger businesses.

  • Limited resources, so may require additional guidance

  • Limited budgets, so spending needs to be focused on areas to provide results

  • In small business consulting, you deal with the business owner versus someone assigned to manage an engagement.

Unlike most other small business consulting firms, we focus on strategic consulting versus tactical. Tactical is very short-term focused. Strategic consulting is focused on the long-term and ensuring the company is set up for success. Tactical firms are typically concentrated on living in your business and recurring revenue. There is usually no way to measure success with tactical consulting. Our offerings are about helping you set your business up for success and making you sustainable on your own. All of our engagements are fixed-priced once we understand your business requirements.  

  • Feasibility studies to help determine the viability of your business

  • Business plans to help you obtain loans, grants, or acquire the investments you need to grow your business

  • Strategic plans help you set your business's goals and direction and measure success.

  • Business assessments help you determine the areas in your business that need work.

  • Business valuations help you determine the current value of your business

  • Financial management engagements help you better manage your business finances


In addition to small business consulting, we provide business coaching  & advisory services to business owners looking to gain skills and knowledge in different aspects of their business.


We also offer a free 30-minute consultation to any small business in Canada. The 30 minutes is yours to ask us questions to help your business, business questions in general, to get a feel of the fit for RK Fischer & Associates and your business, or to get more information on particular services. 

If you are a small business and are looking for a consulting firm focused just on small businesses, you have come to the right place.




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