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Promotional Marketing is how a business develops leads and generates sales for business. It is difficult to predict your revenue forecasts without determining how you plan to generate leads.  This spreadsheet lets you track each marketing activity for the fiscal year and organizes them by Marketing Area including Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Event Marketing, Communications Marketing and Sales Promotions by month within your fiscal year.  Within each Area there will be different marketing mediums. Under each medium, you will enter unique marketing activities.  For each unique activity, you are then allowed to enter what you plan to spend by month for your fiscal year.  In addition, you will enter the metrics that you plan to track for each activity that you would like to achieve.


At the end of the fiscal year, you will then return and enter the actual amount you spent on each activity as well as the actual metrics you achieved.  The variance and the % of budget for each activity is calculated as well as for the marketing medium, marketing area, and total marketing budget.  The difference in your metrics will allow you to determine if this was a worthwhile activity.  The metrics must be trackable and achievable.

Marketing Promotional Plan With Budget and Metrics

  • This is an Excel Workbook with 2 tabs:

    • Instructions
    • Marketing Promotional Plan
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