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A business assessment will help you measure success.

Business assessments for only Canadian small businesses

Business Assessments in Toronto

Is your business not performing to the level that you expected? Have you considered selling your business in the next few years and want to ensure you achieve as much value as possible? If either scenario is true, RK Fischer & Associates offers business assessments in Toronto to help you improve your business performance and business value.


Business Assessments help derisk your business and ensure it is performing its best. Our business assessments are all based on best practices in the following nine areas:


  • Business Strategy & Planning

  • Risk Management & Regulations

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Sales & Sales Management

  • Leadership, Management, and Communication

  • Human Resources

  • Operations


Assessing a business is essential to determine where there are potential issues and areas for improvement for business performance and value. An underperforming business will have a lower valuation.


If you need a business assessment in Toronto, look no further than RK Fischer & Associates. To learn more about our business assessment engagements, click the button below or contact us and set up a free consultation to see if your business can benefit from a business assessment.

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