Are Massive Canned Emails and Automated Messages Really Helping Your Sales?

Woman being inundated with emails

As a salesperson and sales manager in the past, I am perplexed at the number of businesses and their salespeople that seem to use canned, impersonal emails or send automated messages when trying to sell their products and services. What happened to calling and speaking to a potential client or sending a personalized email to try to set up a conversation? Doing this requires one to research and understand if those prospects are your target market which improves your chances in any sale. Sending out what is really seen in most companies as SPAM for both the email and voicemail messages does not reflect well on your business.


Canned spam started years ago, primarily for offshore businesses in the web and SEO industry but lately have found this supposed sales method is being employed by many salespeople, including using both unaddressed email and Social Media to perform a similar function. Though spam email can be illegal in most countries, it is hard to monitor and enforce outside your own country.

LinkedIn used to be one of my favourite Social Media platforms, but as of late, it has become a breeding ground for those that try to connect with you after then have used their InMail to send the same "canned" message to hundreds or thousands on the site to get around spam laws. There is no real difference in reality than spamming thousands of emails with the same sale pitch. As with the SPAM email, I will automatically delete them without reading. If someone selling cannot take the time to determine if you are even their target market and send a personalized message, then they do not deserve any time. My business partner and I get emails and social media messages even from competitors trying to sell us their services, which shows they are just throwing a pitch out there and trying to catch some unsuspecting prospect. I received one the other day from a firm helping start-up consulting and coaching businesses who aren't able to develop engagements on their own and selling subscription services to "canned engagements". We have been in business for 12 years selling small business coaching and consulting and if we haven't figured out how to run that type of business in that time, we have larger issues.


Before I started my own business, the last business I worked for was a telecom provider of voice applications. One of the products they sold was an outbound call application that allowed you to leave a voicemail or send voicemails to individuals and use a callback option. It is a great application when used correctly for sending broadcast messages for emergencies and appointment reminders, to name a few. It was not developed so salespeople could avoid selling and send out a canned message to 1000's of individuals.